Website Development


The pages on this website are written in [markdown syntax] 1 and stored in our GIT repo at [src/site] 2

A subproject contained within the repo is used to generate the website from the Markdown text files and the resources stored in the content directory.

This Java solution is meant as an interim solution as we do not want to reinvent the wheel. Instead we are likely switching to Sphinx.


This website development page is divided into:


Download the repo

  1. Check out the repository:
git clone
  1. Install Gradle build system, see

  2. Build the project:

cd odftoolkit/src/site/java

Directory Layout

Content directory

The src/site/site/content/odftoolkit directory contains web content - markdown, html, javascript, css, images and other files. Resources such as images, CSS files and ZIP files are copied as is to the web site during the build.

Local Development

Edit the site

Using your favorite editors edit the site content.

Build the site

Run this to generate the website into GitHub Pages directory <ODFTOOLKIT_ROOT>/docs

cd odftoolkit/src/site/java

Testing your results

Use your GitHub Pages on your GitHub fork using your Git branch and /docs as root! Use a broken link checker (e.g. testing on your GitHub HTML deployment!

Building JavaDoc and publishing the JavaDoc

JavaDoc is generated as part of by calling from the root of the project the command:

mvn install

Run to build & copy the created API directories into the <ODFTOOLKIT_ROOT>/docs/api directory and remove any prior files within.

(cd src/site && ./

Submitting your results


Do the appropriate combination of git status, git add, and git commits.


For further information see the GitHub help on creating a pull request from a fork page.

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