Simple API (deprecated)

What was Simple API? (deprecated since 0.9 and removed in 0.10 - reason below)

Simple API, also called Simple Java API for ODF, was a sub-project of ODF Toolkit. This is an easy-to-use, high-level Java API for creating, modifying and extracting data from Open Document Format (ODF) documents. It is written in pure Java and does not require users to install any document editor on their systems. It is a high level abstraction of the lower-level ODFDOM API.

Why was the Simple API being forked from ODFDOM?

The Simple API had been a fork by IBM to accelerate the work on an high-level API for their customers. The team of Sun Microsystems were focusing instead on improving the source code generation of ODFDOM and build the user API afterwards.

Why is the Simple API being deprecated?

Many parts of the Simple API are copy/pasted source code from ODFDOM. Latest when reuniting with ODFDOM at Apache the Simple API should have undo their fork by merging again with ODFDOM. Due to the lack of volunteers to undo the duplicated code and continuing the work on Simple API and due to the questionable design decision as for lists (not being a paragraph with a list attribute) the library had been deprecated and was removed after the TDF ODF Toolkit release 0.9.0.

What can I do with Simple API?

We provide lots of interesting demos to show the ability of Simple API. You can see the demo page.

How do I get started?

Firstly, you can see the getting started guide.

Secondly, we recommend cookbook and demo. Both of them supply lots of sample code.

Lastly, please reference the newest javadoc, which supplies more details of Simple API.

Where can I get Simple API?

The deprecated Simple API has been removed in ODF Toolkit 0.10.

You can go to downloads page. This page lists the jar, the javadoc and the source code packages. You can unzip and find Simple API in these packages. If you need the earlier versions before moved to Apache, please download here.

Need More Infomation?

If you want to supply suggestion or feedback, please send e-mail to us.

If you want to dive into this project, please reference the document page, which lists lots of useful materials.

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